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Conditions of use

Conditions of use for Suhner image data

1. Applicability

The following conditions regulate the use of images provided by Otto Suhner AG (hereinafter referred to as Suhner). The use of images from other media we provide (e.g. from PDF advertising brochures, webpages, etc.) is forbidden and does not fall under these conditions of use. When using the images, the user declares his agreement with these conditions of use.


2. Copyright, content use licence

All provided images are copyrighted. The images are intended to support journalists in their work and Suhner customers in engineering their advertising presence. These images may therefore be used exclusively by the users for their own advertising purposes (webpage, brochures, etc.) or for journalism. Exclusively for these purposes, Suhner grants the user a nonexclusive, nontransferable licence for the use of provided images at any location and for an unlimited time subject to the following Section 4. It is forbidden to store the images for transfer to third parties (e.g. in a download area) or to use the images on or for auction platforms.


3. Prohibited use

The use of the image material must respect the interests of Suhner at all times and in suitable form. The image material must be used exclusively in connection with the products and services of Suhner, and on no account in connection with pornographic, racist, extreme right wing, or any other contents in violation of the law. It is expressly forbidden to use the image material in a context that jeopardises or injures the reputation and standing of Suhner.


4. Revocation of the content use licence

Suhner reserves the right to revoke at any time the rights to use any or all images in accordance with the above conditions and in particular to forbid their continued use. In this event, Suhner will respect the interests of the user in suitable form and if necessary grant him a cessation date.


5. Source details

When using the images provided by Suhner the user must include a reference to the source (e.g. "Photos: Otto Suhner AG", "Photos: Suhner") in the manner usual for this use, either at the image itself when technically possible or on/in the published medium. Grouped image sources are permitted. When used on the internet or digital media, the images must also refer to Suhner as the source in the form of a link to the Suhner website (


6. Editing/changes

Any editing, redesigning, or other manipulation of the provided images, e.g. rephotography, hand drawn falsification, photocomposites, or other changes by means of electronic aids beyond colour corrections, trimming, and downsizing, is permitted only with prior consent issued in writing by Suhner. Likewise, an image may not be reproduced in a misleading context.


7. Liability

Suhner does not accept any liability for any violation to the press, copyright, or other laws brought about by an unsuitable or misleading use of the provided images. On failure to observe the obligations resulting from these conditions of use, solely the user is liable for compensation before any third party. In this respect, the user exempts Suhner of all third party claims, including all litigation costs.


8. General sales, delivery, and payment terms and conditions

In all other cases our General Sales, Delivery, and Payment Terms and Conditions apply in their respective applicable wording.


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Not until you have accepted the conditions of use may you use the images we provide.

Source details

We ask you to specify the source when publishing our material: Otto Suhner AG.